Why Bollywood Can’t Afford Mahesh Babu – What is the matter? 2022 news

Friends, welcome to your news times and today we have brought you a latest news related to South and Bollywood, knowing that you are going to be very surprised because in today’s news I am going to tell you how to make a statement. There has been bitterness in South and Bollywood.

Actually friends, I am talking about South’s famous actor Mahesh Babu, who said during a recent interview that Bollywood industry cannot offer him, all Bollywood celebrities and fans watching many Bollywood movies about something. Those who used to like Mahesh Babu have started trolling them.


What is the whole matter after all?

Friends, I would like to tell you that recently the trailer of Mahesh Babu’s new film Major has been released on YouTube and after the release of this trailer, an interviewer during an interview with Mahesh Babu and the hero and heroine of this film. asked Mahesh Babu that he has been giving more than one good films in South Industry since 10-15 years and is getting smarter day by day. But doesn’t he think that he should now make films in Bollywood too?

When Mahesh Babu was asked this question by the reporter, Mahesh Babu replied that the Bollywood industry cannot offer him, he does not want to waste his time. He further said that the amount of love that the South Industry has given him is too much for him and because of this he never wants to leave the South Industry and go to any other industry.


What was the response of Bollywood celebrities on this?

Due to this controversial statement of friends Mahesh Babu, many actors and actresses who work in the Bollywood industry have felt bad and many actors and actresses are giving their reaction on social media, meanwhile, famous director Mukesh Bhatt has also expressed concern about Mahesh Babu. Presented his thoughts on this statement of Mahesh Babu on social media, let us know what Mukesh Bhatt said on this statement of Mahesh Babu

When Mukesh Bhatt, the famous producer of Bollywood industries, was asked his opinion about Mahesh Babu’s statement by the media, he said that it is a good thing if the Bollywood industry cannot afford Mahesh Babu’s fees. I respect him, I wish him the best of luck in his future. He is a very talented actor who has worked hard on himself as well as time. He has been a very successful actor. There is no harm in it if Bollywood industries have not been able to live up to their expectations. He further said that I would like to wish him all the best for many upcoming films ahead of him and he also said that everyone has their own opinion.


Mahesh Babu defends himself

With this statement of Mahesh Babu, the fans started trolling him, and soon the team of Mahesh Babu issued a statement on the social media platform. In this statement Mahesh Babu’s team said that Mahesh Babu loves cinema and he respects all languages, he has done films in South Industry because he is comfortable in that language, he also said that I am happy that My dream is coming true and Telugu cinema is also touching heights.


Although everyone says that South Industry and Bollywood Industry are completely different from each other and both industries provide you different types of content. That’s why we should not think that only Bollywood do wonders or South’s. In both the industries, we get to see a lot of action, romance and drama and one should respect each other.


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