Airtel 5G Plans 2022 – Know in Detail

India is also entered in the world of 5G network on 1st October, 2022 when India’s Prime Minister has launched 5G service in India. We all know very well that this 5G service in India is started by India’s one of the largest Telecom Company Airtel.

Airtel 5G is launched now only in major cities and these major cities includes – Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Gandhinagar, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Jamnagar, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai and Pune.

Airtel has promised to launch 5G service in all metropolitan cities by December 2022 and by the end of December 2023 5G service will launch in all major cities across the country.


Airtel 5G Plans 2022

The most Important point about 5G is its plan. Most of the people are saying that the price of 5G will much higher than 4G and for your kind information guys this news is right. The 5G service will be available for you with a fancy price but recently Airtel India has not revealed any plans of 5G.

The owner of Airtel has said that, for now 5G service is available at the same price at which you purchased 4G plans. Means this is a good news for those who is living in those cities which is now covered by the Airtel 5G.

They no need any extra recharge for 5G, they can use 5G in their 4G plans but make sure their mobile supports 5G connectivity.

So guys right now you do not have to pay any other costs for 5G, only things you need to access 5G is your 5G mobile because 5G network will show only in 5G handsets. So if you have already a 5G mobile then you can use 5G service of Airtel 5G at your home if you are living in covered cities.



Q. 1 – How much Airtel 5G fast if I compare with Airtel 4G?

Ans. – Airtel 5G is 20-30 times faster than Airtel 4G. For example, if you wants to download a movie of size 2-3 GB then you can download this movie withing seconds with 5G network which you can never download by 4G network.


Q. 2 – Why should I choose Airtel 5G?

Ans. – There are many reasons to choose Airtel 5G but some most important reasons you should know about Airtel 5G

  • Airtel 5G is faster than any other network in the country right now. Its downloading speed is 20-30 times more than any other 4G networks.
  • With the help of 5G technology we can play online games without any glitches and 4k videos can be watched without buffering. It will help us to work from home without any disturbance which was experienced by most of the users.
  • 5G Technology has the widest ecosystem in the world and with the help of 5G mobile you can feel real experiences of other countries.
  • Most important, people thinks that 5G network can harm Environment but this is not true, Airtel 5G is a eco-friendly network which will not harm to Environment.


Q. 3 – How Airtel 5G is better than Airtel 4G?

Ans. – For these following reasons given below Airtel 5G is better than Airtel 4G

  • Fast Speed – As I have said above that Airtel 5G has faster network than Airtel 4G and it provides us 20-30 times faster speed compared to Airtel 4G. With this Speed of network you can download large files like Movies, Games and 4K videos in seconds.
  • Lagging Free – With the help of Airtel 5G you can get instant result of your search without any lagging problems. When we have used 4G then we have faced problems than if we click on some link to open then it takes some time to respond but right now it will give you instant result.
  • Device Connectivity – When you have used 4G network then I think you have faced the problem that you can’t able to connect more devices at the same time with 4G network. If somehow it is connects then the speed of internet distributed in devices and the result we get a very low internet connectivity in these devices. But with the help of 5G network we can connect many devices like smart appliances, smart home solutions, location trackers etc. at the same time.


Q. 4 – How can I use Airtel 5G?

Ans. – You must follow these steps if you want to access Airtel 5G in your mobile –

  • 5G Sim – You don’t need to buy a 5G sim, Airtel 4G is already 5G enabled sim, so you can this similarly on your mobile as you are using 4G.
  • 5G Mobile – you must have a 5G smartphone if you want to access 5G in your mobile. Airtel 5G is applicable to every 5G handset in India.
  • Change Network Setting – After getting 5G handset and Airtel Sim you must have to change Configuration setting of network from sim setting. After selection of 5G in your handset you can use 5G network in your mobile.


Q. 4 – Can I use 4G in a 5G mobile?

Ans. – Yes! guys you can use 4G in your 5G mobile as you use 3G network in 4G mobile.


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